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Hack-A-Thon Update 1: Debates Galore

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

So it’s the first day of Unbound’s second Hack-A-Thon. So far so good, as it’s the first time the whole team, both tech and business dev have been together in one way or another to start discussing the full project, our goals and evaluating where we need/want to be in a reasonable time frame. Adam and I have been mainly setting up some business model discussions along with some full scale marketing techniques that we hope to see implemented soon. Also we are continuing preparation for Wednesday’s presentation at StartupCampWaterloo10.

And as far as my non-techie knowledge goes, it looks like the dev side is really chugging along at a reasonable pace with raised voices, and lots of whiteboard drawing as seen below:


Come back tomorrow for more updates and exciting news (and to find out how much caffeine has been consumed so far to keep us going).

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So the website is in its development stages as of now. I am attempting to use HTML5 and CS3 for the new layout and have had some success so far. We are attempting to make the website as user friendly as possible by not including anything besides what is essential at the moment, yet this task is easier said than done!
A working page that will interface correctly with the back-end work being done by Naman is probably the most important aspect of the design that needs to be done so far.
I have a quick question for anyone that is reading this blog. I am currently looking at e-reader tech involving how our customers will read our books and how they will interact with the content we provide. For those of you that are interested in e-books, what will your platform for reading these books be?



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And here we are

I have spent some very late nights researching the best technologies to support UnBound. Weighing my options for performance, future expansion, and all the little things that Sam and James and Reemah are going to make me put in, I was finally able to decide on the code libraries that will support all the ebooks you (we) are going to be reading.

I know! I know! I know! I know its taking time but I’m just trying to make sure we never have any “due to technical reasons” issues with UnBound once it goes live.

Wish me happy coding! Actually, I’m so pumped to work on this I’ll have fun regardless; but warm wishes and cookies are always appreciated.


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