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Hack-A-Thon Update 1: Debates Galore

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

So it’s the first day of Unbound’s second Hack-A-Thon. So far so good, as it’s the first time the whole team, both tech and business dev have been together in one way or another to start discussing the full project, our goals and evaluating where we need/want to be in a reasonable time frame. Adam and I have been mainly setting up some business model discussions along with some full scale marketing techniques that we hope to see implemented soon. Also we are continuing preparation for Wednesday’s presentation at StartupCampWaterloo10.

And as far as my non-techie knowledge goes, it looks like the dev side is really chugging along at a reasonable pace with raised voices, and lots of whiteboard drawing as seen below:


Come back tomorrow for more updates and exciting news (and to find out how much caffeine has been consumed so far to keep us going).

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