If you can code, come work for this UW startup

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Hi there,

So its been a good 6 months since we first decided on this idea of a cloud based e-book service. We met, we fought, we cried (well…) and built a business model around the idea. Its been a good ride, but the ride is just starting.

Now we are at a point where 2 developers just aren’t enough. We need more coders and designers to come join us and help us take this to the next level. Thats where you come in.

Come join us.

We need people who want to hack together an iPad app, an Android app, a Blackberry app, and a JavaScript (or Flash) app. By the way, the server is in Java and Ruby.

Don’t worry if you are a student with too much homework. If you want to be part of this startup, just email me. I will personally work with you and your schedule to accommodate your workload into the scheme of things. Same goes for working remotely.

OK, now I need to get back to coding.


naman @ unboundbooks.ca


October Update, plus a new face

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Wow…what a rewarding three weeks its been at Unbounds. We have been away for a bit on this blog and we apologize, but it is all worth it because we have so much good news to tell you about. In a way it is good that we saved this all for one post.

For those who don’t know I am a new member of the team and have been on the team for about a month now. I had been keeping up with Unbound even when I was not on the team, and when I finally joined I was absolutely impressed at how driven and focused everyone was. After the first couple of group meetings I realized that they had so much focus on what they wanted to do and that I had to catch up if I wanted to be effective. At early stage start-ups everyone is doing everything they can to get things up and running as fast as possible. I have been doing many things, but my primarily job been spreading the word about Unbound to publishers. Since our last post we have engaged the Association of Canadian publishers and had our first in-person meeting. What a great meeting it was! We were able to make the first steps to developing what we see as a very important relationship going forward as the Association has a lot of publishers under them that we would love to get out to you guys and gals to read. Unfortunately many of the things that we talked about cannot be discussed here, but it went as good as we hoped it would, and now we are focused on the next step toward getting licensed content on our servers.

With that being said all eyes are on tech now to perfect the model and we are doing everything we can to get this going. Oh, and the other somewhat menial thing that us non-technical folks are working to get is…FUNDING! FUNDING! FUNDING! We are ready to pour some real green into this, and it gives me the shivers to see this start to actually happen.

Well thats all for now and we will do our best to keep you guys up to date with all the latest happening as they get thrown at us.

Until next time,


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Update – September 2010

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Hey everyone,

So as of recently the UnBounds group has been a little bit offline with our updates. Yes we admit we took some time off, but while taking some time off we have made a lot of progress in relation to both the technical and business development of the company.

On the technical side we are pushing and pushing for a release date in the near future, sure plans for that will be announced as soon as possible.

Business development wise we have a new member, Adam, on our team who has been in charge of contacting and coordinating with Canadian publishers preliminary contract arrangements for our company’s media library.

All in all we are excited about progress so far, and are optimistic about the near future in terms of what we will be able to offer to you, our users!

Thanks for the read,


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So as a new company we face a great many challenges and I think it is important to work out and talk about them. For some days things go easy at Unbound, some days not so much. Today was one of those not so successful days. Maybe it was the heat, but things weren’t firing in sync.

Feeling a little defeated, it got me thinking – the entrepreneurship game is a mental game. You have to have the stamina and the confidence to keep it together through the ups and the downs. Cause there will be downs – and bad ones at that. Days where you lose your best customer; days were your costs skyrocket, days where you’re just not at your best. And when you’re starting your own business, you feel that you have to be perfect – that there is no room for error. You feel like you’re on that knife’s edge of success and one wrong step could send you over.

So the challenge is keeping your head calm. It is not getting too excited about the success and not too thrown by the defeats.  No skill is more important to the entrepreneur than the one that allows you to stand up, dust yourself and go into the ring again.

Now, how do you actually do that? It is nice to talk about dusting yourself off, but how to you actually do it. First, find the positive. No matter how bad the meeting, how bad the day, try and find the one good thing. The thing that you learned from it so you could do better next time. Even if that one positive thing is “well, at least its over”. Also, do not dwell on the issues. Once that meeting is over, its over. Once you’ve lost that sale, its lost and you have to move on. You can never replay the conversation – or it will just get to you. Lastly, and most importantly, the team.  A sign of a good team is that they are at their best when things are at their worst.  The team should and needs to be the hand that pulls you back up on that knife edge.

So what do you do to deal with pressure? What do you do when you’ve been dealt a blow?

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Favourite Genre

So at UnBounds we have been discussing our favourite genre of books amongst ourselves, and are curious as to what other people really enjoy reading. So I wanted to open it up to everyone and see if we can’t get some feedback from our readers! For those interested I picked mystery.



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Why would YOU pick UnBound?

June 12, 2010 2 comments

With the selling of books having been around for a while (little known fact: The second thing Gutenberg invented was the mail-order catalogue) a lot people have been asking us where we fit into the market.

Why would you pick UnBound?

Well for me it’s because we offer the best deal for e-books out there. UnBound means you can get all the fun out of eBooks – but without the fun being taken out of your wallet.

But the other question is what do we offer publishers?

Here in many ways is the real value of UnBound. For we offer publishers not only all the benefits of e-books (no printing, inventory or transportation costs) but with two other real values. First, we offer publishers a beneficial partnership. We don’t want to be like others and demand that publishers drive down their prices to the point of bankruptcy – we just want to put e-books in the hands of readers at a reasonable price.

Second, and most importantly, our website platform allows the capacity to put books in front of readers that they would have never otherwise taken up. At $20 or $30 a pop who can take the risk on some unknown author? With Unbound customers are going to be more willing to try more and different books which mean publishers get more usage of their whole catalogue – not just one or two ‘hit’ books.

So an important question for you, our readers – what do you want to read on UnBound?

New authors? The classics? Anything and everything?

– James

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June 2, 2010 1 comment

Hey everyone!

So we are busy at work here at UnBounds with many new ideas and a new focus for our startup. We’ve finalized a business model to start our Alpha version of the service. We believe the first version of our database and service will help us collect users and develop some user review/feedback method for further development for the public release!

Next step for us is to start pitching and advertising our new service! Expect some major updates and links to some exciting product news soon!

Thanks for the read,

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