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Hack-A-Thon Update 2: The sweet smell of progress…

Energy is a bit lower than yesterday’s long session, but nevertheless we are getting somewhere as all sides of the platform are moving forward as fast as a gazelle runs while being hastily pursued by a much faster cheetah.

2010-11-06 22.17.27

Reading about a pile of sleep-deprived, Mcdonald’s eating students, is probably not the most entertaining thing to do on a Saturday on a brisk November night, so to make things interesting here are some interesting statistics on the ebook industry:

Self published authors increasing by over 200% a year

Ebook industry in the U.S. is growing steadily at 185% growth year over year according to latest reports by the American Publishers Assoc.

Both Apple Inc. and Amazon Inc. are being investigated by the FTC for antitrust infringement regarding ebook price fixing

Ereader device platforms are growing faster than one can keep track of with approximately 2 new devices entering market every month since late 2009. 

So if at least one of these points don’t make you want to put all your hardcover books in a large funeral pyre and burn them until your neighbors complain to the local Smokey Bear, then come back tomorrow for some even more convincing arguments! (I’ll try to get straight to the point next post, promise).



P.S. DST –> best . idea . ever .

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