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Why would YOU pick UnBound?

With the selling of books having been around for a while (little known fact: The second thing Gutenberg invented was the mail-order catalogue) a lot people have been asking us where we fit into the market.

Why would you pick UnBound?

Well for me it’s because we offer the best deal for e-books out there. UnBound means you can get all the fun out of eBooks – but without the fun being taken out of your wallet.

But the other question is what do we offer publishers?

Here in many ways is the real value of UnBound. For we offer publishers not only all the benefits of e-books (no printing, inventory or transportation costs) but with two other real values. First, we offer publishers a beneficial partnership. We don’t want to be like others and demand that publishers drive down their prices to the point of bankruptcy – we just want to put e-books in the hands of readers at a reasonable price.

Second, and most importantly, our website platform allows the capacity to put books in front of readers that they would have never otherwise taken up. At $20 or $30 a pop who can take the risk on some unknown author? With Unbound customers are going to be more willing to try more and different books which mean publishers get more usage of their whole catalogue – not just one or two ‘hit’ books.

So an important question for you, our readers – what do you want to read on UnBound?

New authors? The classics? Anything and everything?

– James

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  1. jpel
    June 14, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    I’d want newer books. While older books and the classics tend to be found at your local library or at your grandmother’s house, it’s hard to get your hands on newer books without spending an arm and a leg. To have the ability to get a book without worrying about a popular book being sold out (something you won’t have to worry about), waiting for it to finally come to a store near you, or paying the ridiculous amounts that they charge for a new book would be a wonderful development.

    • June 14, 2010 at 11:57 pm

      Thanks a lot for your reply jpel! We really appreciate your input! What is your personal take on ebooks compared to regularly bound books?

      -Unbounds Team

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