Looking for Graphic Designers!

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

With some new flashy flyers popping up all over U of Waterloo campus, I thought I would advertise on our own flashy blog as well!


Unbounds is a startup company based out of the University of Waterloo, started by Waterloo students just like yourself! We are actively seeking new developers to help with database design and work on our separate but integrated iPad, Android, and Web-based applications. If you are interested in books, ebooks, ereaders, or just like to design and want to get involved in an exciting new startup, send us your resume at the below contact information:



We are looking for active, self-motivated individuals who can work well by themselves and are able to set and meet goals and deadlines consistently.


So let us know if you have some sweet skillz with the photoshopz! We know you are out there somewhere!


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Hack-A-Thon Update 3: Looks good

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

So the Unbounds Hack-A-Thon November 2010 edition has come to a close, and as we all move on to our somewhat regular lives I thought I’d leave all those interested with a good group photo (not including our BB developer Tyler) and some good shots of our beautiful office space at the new Communitech Hub.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our new website and site launch!


All photo credits go to the amazing Stanley who came to our office on Sunday to record our lives…creepy eh. Just kidding of course, thanks Stan!




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Hack-A-Thon Update 2: The sweet smell of progress…

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Energy is a bit lower than yesterday’s long session, but nevertheless we are getting somewhere as all sides of the platform are moving forward as fast as a gazelle runs while being hastily pursued by a much faster cheetah.

2010-11-06 22.17.27

Reading about a pile of sleep-deprived, Mcdonald’s eating students, is probably not the most entertaining thing to do on a Saturday on a brisk November night, so to make things interesting here are some interesting statistics on the ebook industry:

Self published authors increasing by over 200% a year

Ebook industry in the U.S. is growing steadily at 185% growth year over year according to latest reports by the American Publishers Assoc.

Both Apple Inc. and Amazon Inc. are being investigated by the FTC for antitrust infringement regarding ebook price fixing

Ereader device platforms are growing faster than one can keep track of with approximately 2 new devices entering market every month since late 2009. 

So if at least one of these points don’t make you want to put all your hardcover books in a large funeral pyre and burn them until your neighbors complain to the local Smokey Bear, then come back tomorrow for some even more convincing arguments! (I’ll try to get straight to the point next post, promise).



P.S. DST –> best . idea . ever .

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DST to the rescue…

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Looks like the Unbounds team is going to luck out this weekend. Some may ask, “is this because you get an extra hour of sleep?”. And we will respond that “no, it means that we get extra time to work on Unbounds!” as there never seems to be enough time in the day lately. Stay tuned for info on how we plan on utilizing our extra hour to our greatest advantage!

-The Unbounds Team

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We’ve moved

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Our blog location has moved to our own server just because we think we are that important:


Check us out as all the rest of our posts will be there!



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Hack-A-Thon Update 1: Debates Galore

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

So it’s the first day of Unbound’s second Hack-A-Thon. So far so good, as it’s the first time the whole team, both tech and business dev have been together in one way or another to start discussing the full project, our goals and evaluating where we need/want to be in a reasonable time frame. Adam and I have been mainly setting up some business model discussions along with some full scale marketing techniques that we hope to see implemented soon. Also we are continuing preparation for Wednesday’s presentation at StartupCampWaterloo10.

And as far as my non-techie knowledge goes, it looks like the dev side is really chugging along at a reasonable pace with raised voices, and lots of whiteboard drawing as seen below:


Come back tomorrow for more updates and exciting news (and to find out how much caffeine has been consumed so far to keep us going).

Thanks for the read,


New Digs

November 3, 2010 3 comments

So we’ve been busy bees here at Unbound Books. As of Monday we have successfully moved into our new office space in the Tannery at the Communitech Hub. The office space is amazing with a lot of great facilities that we are hoping to take full advantage of in the upcoming month (and there’s some free coffee to keep us chuggin’ on those late nights).

I thought that I would show you a couple of pictures of us at the oh-so important office. The following picture sizes are based off of company importance.

PB030015PB030011DSC_0192 (2)

Naman (far left), Adam (centre), Sam (far right)

Thanks for the read,


[04/11/2010 – Order of importance fixed – Naman]